What is Filthy Rags Outreach?

Filthy Rags Outreach is a 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach that started behind bars at Stafford Creek Corrections center in Aberdeen, Washington in 2018. Alphonso Bell had been on a Spiritual journey and as he looked around, he noticed there weren’t men like him on that path: ex-gang members, drug dealers, and men that came from the street life. He spoke with his friend Charles Champion, and the 2 of them set out to reach men. They started meeting on the big yard during rec. time, having discussions about the false realities of the gang lifestyle. Alphonso & Charles knew that to reach these men, they had to meet them right where they were at. “In order to reach the type of men that come from the street life,” says founder Alphonso Bell, “sometimes you gotta hear some things you don’t wanna hear in order to sow the seeds you need to sow. Our motto is to meet men right where they’re at.”

Alphonso aka “Fatt Cuzz” & Charles aka “Baby Jody” both come from that lifestyle.

Charles was a gang-member, drug dealer, and was in prison for shooting & killing a police officer and Alphonso sold drugs & was involved in gang & criminal activity. It’s this very street-cred and respect in the streets that they leverage to influence change among their peers.

After some time, Filthy Rags Outreach was able to secure a sponsor which allowed them to move the meetings, which they were hosting on the Big Yard, into a classroom in the education building. Looking around these meeting was unlike anything ever seen before, there were Crips, Bloods, & G’s all in the same room talking about the false realities of the lifestyle & the need for change. On the streets, these men would be enemies! What’s amazing is that many of these men are actively taking steps towards change, many of them wanting to reach back and help stop the gun and gang violence in our communities.

The outreach had a vision that didn’t just include men in prison though. They wanted to be able to reach men outside of prison as well.


Over time, FRO has had amazing support from people across the world that contributed through building a website, creating a social media presence, recording men calling from prison sharing transformational experiences, testimonies, preaching sermons, and exposing the false realities of the gang & street lifestyle.

In March 2021, we started hosting meetings in Tacoma, Washington where men can join with each other, receive mentoring, and build connections with men who are on the same journey of change. In addition to the meetings, we hope to soon host financial literacy classes, entrepreneurship classes, & job-readiness classes. We will provide programs & classes so we can come alongside men & women both in the community and those recently released from prison to help them get on their feet so they don’t have to go back to their old life. We also hope to establish partnerships and connections with employers in the community that are willing to hire men & women from Filthy Rags Outreach. We have also partnered with “Be A Friend Ministries” to provide transitional housing.


In October 2021, we were awarded 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS which allows our donors to write off any donations given to us.


Everything that we are doing, and everything that we would like to do costs money. We need your support! If you believe in what we are doing, please help! We have the passion, the drive, and people willing to do the work, but we can't continue, let alone move forward, without financial sponsors.


Please donate today!

Services that Filthy Rags Outreach provides:



Filthy Rags Outreach holds peer group meetings on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month (both inside Stafford Creek Corrections Center “Caged But Not Conquered” & out in the community in Tacoma, WA “Breaking the Chains and Bridging the Gap”) where we actively create an atmosphere for healing, and challenge the criminal and gang mentality through exposing its false realities, lies, and the illusions we all bought into. Through critical thinking exercises and demonstrations, we paint vivid pictures of the real reality that we all failed to see.


Our meetings are lead and facilitated by core members who know what it's like to be in the participants’ shoes and have first-hand knowledge, experience, and insight into the challenges they'll face in transitioning from the conditionings of the street life toward positive living and a lifestyle of faith.


For information about our outside meetings check out our Events page.


Community Events

Stay tapped in to what we are doing by following to our Facebook page and checking out our Events tab regularly. In the summer of 2021, we hosted a Gatorade drive, a Free Community Car Wash, a Free Community BBQ, and a Free Community Breakfast. See our "Past Events" page for pictures of some of these events.



We have partnered with "Being a Friend Ministries" to provide transitional housing for men (and eventually women) coming out of prison. Our 1st transitional housing program opened on November 1st, 2021 with 6 beds, and we plan to open & offer more transitional housing options in the future.

Blog Posts

Filthy Rags Outreach hosts a blog page on its’ website that provides a platform for individuals to articulate through writing how their lives are being impacted through this outreach, as well as sharing transformational experiences, testimonies, and exposing the false realities of the lifestyle. We aim to create an atmosphere and space where people don't have to edit who they are and are free to completely be themselves as they navigate the process of change. We understand that maturity and growth doesn't happen overnight and that the process of change has to be both understood and respected.

To contribute to our blogs, simply fill out the form on the Become a Blog Contributor tab, and we will get back with you!

For incarcerated individuals wishing to submit blogs, send an invite to connect to info@filthyragsoutreach.org to be added to our contact list.*


*only available through through JPay at this time


Therapeutic Straight Talk Behind the Fence: Join us as the men and women from Filthy Rags Outreach have real & raw conversations from behind prison walls about their lives, what landed them in prison, what life in prison is like, the false realities of the gang lifestyle, and the current state of the world. They will discuss current events & how they see God’s hand working in their lives! 

The Robb Report: "The Robb Report" offers a first-rate view of real life, in-depth accounts of the men and women who make up America's prison population. Through both written and live interviews "The Robb Report" offers keen insight into the gang culture, various forms of the street lifestyles and documents how these men and women got to the spiritual place that they are at today.
Robert Hampton takes you on a journey through the minds of the men and women who were entrenched in the culture and lifestyle of the streets in a way that you've never seen before. Drawing out the gritty, raw, and uncut details of the lifestyle, he casts an unexpecting light on the regret, shame, self reflection... and the hope of Redemption that these men and women live with every day.

Besides being available on our website, our Live Interviews are also available on most podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, and Breaker. You can go to your favorite podcast app and search “Filthy Rags Outreach” or click on our "Podcasts" tab to get a direct link to check out all of our content from "The Robb Report" and “Therapeutic Straight Talk Behind the Fence”.