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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We live in a country that's governed by a constitution that still reflects the prejudice values of the framers who created it.

By law slavery was abolished in 1863, then re-enacted in 1865 as an exception for punishment of a crime, which ultimately created a loop hole to restock Black men as cattle in the judicial system as was previously done on the plantation.

No longer did they have to lynch us when it was more logical to make money off of our labour in prison.

Over a century, starting back as far as the reconstruction, many laws were put in place along with the infestation of drugs into minority communities, raising the incarceration rate and furthering the propaganda of institutional racism.

The "American" mentality of the 1800's along with their generational wealth was grandfathered down, strengthening the agenda and placing these prejudice vanguards into positions of power that continued to oppress African Americans and other minorities.

Around the 1960's the FBI created the secret cointelpro program tasking them to infiltrate civil rights groups and many other African American political groups. Their goal was to collect information and cause dissention of these assemblies to stop the liberation the Black community.

Forward to the climate of the fake drug war of the 1980's and the beginning of the secret gentrification of urban neighbourhoods across ghetto America.

The CIA funded the contras at the expense of these Black communities (i.e. Oliver North, Freeway Ricky Ross), yet simultaneously creating the propaganda of the dangerous Black man in America to begin the militarization of the police forces. Grants from the federal government of up to 100 million dollars was given to the police divisions throughout the united states and even more funding has been allotted under the Trump presidency.

Mid 90's, the 2 and 3 strike law was enacted along with the one year time bar limitation for post relief convictions of errors and wrongful convictions. What's even more ironic was this was all done under the Clinton administration, but yet Black Americans think he was our best president.

Even more sadly was the Rodney King beating and systemic racism boldly shown when the police officers in question walked away acquitted of all charges after being caught red handed. Now everyone in the world knows if the cops would have been black and the suspects white, it would have been a different result, but that's the obvious.

Forward to the climate of today's drug epidemic. The agenda along with the language is changed from that of the 1980-90's drug war because of the demographic of people effected by it... No longer were Black Americans the majority statistics of drug users or drug related criminal offenders.

It was suburban middle class whites that were overdosing and committing drug related crimes at increasingly high rates. Unfortunately, the tough on crime laws put in place from the drug war era before, now became a problem when it came to sentencing white suburbia to lengthy sentences or striking them out like so many Black Americans before.

Criminal justice reform became the new agenda, but not to correct the system more than to create a loop hole catered to the new racial demographics of offenders. Programs were created that kept them out of jail and aided them into housing and keeping convictions off their records. In stark contrast, drug offenders from the drug era risked loosing their freedom, children, government assistance, and housing.

The blowback from these few facts I list has been apart of a long enacted plan from the beginning of the abolition of slavery. The effect of has lead to the surge of minorities being incarcerated and taken from their communities. This in turn has created multiple generations of fatherless children over a century who would unconsciously be trapped in the same condition that lead their mothers and fathers into captivity.

In white America, minorities are castrated two ways: by police killing/lynching or lynching through the judicial system from a prejudice judge or prosecutor.

The evil set forth in these examples are proof that the oppression of minorities, predominantly the African American race has been masterminded by the united states government institution from the beginning... so when I see these protest around the world... I see them as the beginning of change, a beginning to awakening the world to our plight, making them conscious of its TRUTH, and our continuous struggle for equality.

But I also OVERSTAND that everything that stems from this systematic oppression is the foundation that amerikkka thrives and survives on, and the reform we're marching for is basically asking our oppressors to relinquish their power and privilege. #BLM

Equity Reform By: Harold J Murphy

Coming Sept, 2020

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