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A...... # The Pandemic, Through The Eye's Of A Prisoner

First and foremost, I thank God for all, and until He calls on

me, I'm going to continue seeking understanding in truth

of all sound knowledge.

Creating success storys are in the developments of sharing

truthful understandings of knowledge, these life tools

are given freely.

I share these life tools freely so people can develop a fair

chance in living, and having knowledge pertaining to life is

powerful, and not knowing works against you.

Proceed :

Exspecially in these days of the unknown, it's imperative to staying focus on what the scientists say and surely not a persons thoughts, or what they think, any of thats not going to work or save you.

To be afraid, I can honestly say this is one of the times, due to Codvic-19, the unknown is upon all of us.

Codvic-19 is the worst that has ever touch the earth.

It saddens my heart to know so many people have died, without having their loving family by their side, that's very painful in itself, among not being able to see, or be with the ones we love...

I stay in prayer for many.

I'm a strong "becoming man", and under stand that God has a plan for me.

It's more joy then confusion within my heart, my trust & faith in God hasn't weaken at all, I have traveled very far for the blessings God has given.

So I share my understandings so others can gain and feel God's love within their heart & soul.

And please keep in mind, to know at times of the unknown holds the power to strengthen your faith and belief in God.

Being forced to be around so many people that don't love, respect, or value life puts many others in danger.

By the actions of a person not washing their hands after using the restroom, or not wearing their mask right--& I know to call it a fact if I said something it would not come out right--so I don't talk to the people that know more than the

scientists, that part is kinda funny~kinda.

We as believers must pray for the people that's lacking knowledge in mannerisms.

A lot of people are not taking Codvic-19 seriously, it's the ones that didn't test positive, cause the ones that have are wondering if they'll ever be the same, & is more careful now just from testing positive.

At one time I didn't take it serious, but now, I'm about that safe life for all, and if it was up to me I'll lock this place down for 3weeks, cause every day the numbers are going up.

All rights of free movement have been seized, all understandable though cause Codvic-19 is spreading just as a fire would on dry wood.

The first Codvic-19 landed here due to the reckless behavior of four staff that work inside of the institution.

Hope and faith is built upon a persons words, actions, and of doing all you can that's also a component of being respectful to yourself & other's, all is also components of a believer heart.

God knows best, and gives rights to the scientists that seek, and have sound truth of the knowledge, to follow any other people, is not being smart.

Not taking Codvic-19 serious is disrespectful, to yourself & others, masking up is saving life, if it's just saving one prsons life at least you did your part.

Listen to the people that have knowledge about Codvic-19, that's how you win.

Codvic-19 at one time we had no cases, until late November, now ~as of today 12*24*2020 ~668.


[_Not A Thought Lost_]

Happy X-mess & New Years.

Please do what you can for another, not because of this time of the year.

Thank You.

People stay safe take care, & eat good.

I'm stay doing & giving my best, I thank you for your time..

I have faith that you'll give time to leaving your thoughts, feelings, or opinions in the comment box, its there for you rights for you to share yours.

We can all be better, and not to busy 24hr's.a day.


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