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$"A...... # About That Life.



Whoever is concerned with the condition, and lifeline of their heart, must act immediate in riding off the poisonous components thats many of us have inherited knowing and unknowingly within our actions and words.

These poisonous components will nevsr meet your needs over time, they do give promises of confusion within your thoughts and decision making skills.

#The factors of protecting your heart, is done by avoiding situations of

the unknown, we all know right from wrong.

Sharing truth, is the same as to sharing a smile, it's creates beautiful feelings within all hearts that's present.

#To wipe out the effects of these poisonous components, are done by a person turning in repentance and seeking forgiveness from God, as well as doing good deeds.

All spontaneous acts of kindness brings an unique relief within ones heart and the situation at hand.

Success story are created by the blessings that are given to us

on the daily, this kindness motivates our actions and words, in wanting to assist.

These poisonous components will not assist you in becoming a success story.

These are just some :

unbecoming speech, unrestrained glances, over eating, keeping bad company, talking about other people's business, bullying, taking what's not yours, thinking that your better then others.

The faith of a servant is not right until their heart is put right, and

their heart is not put right until his tongue is put right.

The purification of the heart conditions the tongue.


P,s :

People Please Know That The Comment Box Was Created So You Can Share Your feelings, thought's, or your opinions.

Take Care.


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