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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We are living in a day and age where the self made man is the norm. If we can't do it ourselves our pride makes us feel like and believe there is something wrong with us. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing wrong with needing help. That's what relationship is designed for, mutual support. In fact we were never meant to make decisions on our own. We were meant to be in communion with God. We were in council with God as part of the decision making process. And God has made it possible to be a brand new Christ made man IF we are willing to humble ourselves and ask Him to recreate us in his image. I no longer need to try and get right with God today because God has already done that for me in Christ. I do not need die to self because when I died with Christ at salvation I did died to self because it is no longer I who lives but the life of Christ now lives in me and the person I once was is dead and gone. If I don't know this basic truth I am under the deception of the enemy who is still committing to keeping me blind to the truth so he can have access to my mind and exert control over something that doesn't belong to him which is the new life Christ died and rose again to give me. I may still fall short of these truths. but that doesn't make me a failure. it makes me ignorant to the truth and open to the world the flesh and the devil. If I live my new Iife in Christ believe only half the truth than I will still be bound to things Jesus has already set me free from. There is a difference between believing Christ died for me and me dying with Him. If I live my new life believing Christ died for me than He will need to die for me again and again. If I live my life in the light of the truth that I died and rose again with Christ than sins power will be destroyed enabling me to walk in newness of life in Him :-) I don't know about you. But I choose to be a Christ made man :-) Q :-)

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