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COVID Protocol???

Well they're back to enforcing Covid protocols so that we only come out every other 2 hours (2 hours out, 2 hours in). But you know what the crazy thing about all of this is? If they would have been just as diligent as they are now throughout this whole thing WE would have never gotten it in here to begin with! (btw we have over 50 cases in just a matter of days!!)

And the optics of this whole charade... don't get me started on what it LOOKS like! Now all of a sudden you got all these guards and staff members running around here with all this PPE gear on from head to toe like WE'RE the freaken plague!

It's enough to make you angry!

We should be one of the safest populations in the country, but instead we're not. If these guards would police themselves just as much as they want to police us--yelling at ppl to wear their mask, handing out infractions, cell confinement, loss of yard, and all this other wild stuff-- if they would police themselves just as much, We would never even be catching Covid. But instead, they don't always wear their gear, interact with each other without their mask (offices, break rooms etc.) and only comply or enforce protocol when they feel they're being scrutinized or watched. Half the guards care, and the other half doesn't, so they come in here, get all super vigilant and come down on us about protocol... only for half of them once they leave work, take their mask off, throw all that caution and Covid protocol to the wind, go about their daily lives and not put their mask back on until they step foot back onto the prison grounds to report to work -- their blatant disregard putting all of us at risk--and test themselves, not when they come IN the prison to work, but when they LEAVE -- and then get here and want to come down on us! It makes you angry and makes you think I can understand why a lot of the guys are up to their limit with all of this nonsense.

And that's only the tip of all this madness!

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