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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Is to go in the Community and Cross Country reaching, teaching, and preaching a pure and uncut unadulterated gospel of truth to former and current gang members globally. Why ? Because the Gang culture has caused a cancerous lifestyle locally and globally and its going to take the right instruments of men and women that will speak truth to power.

The unadulterated gospel is not a preverted gospel with cuss words its just speaking parables in the language of the people in a modern way. I believe the traditional ways of preaching and teaching before reaching a individual on a personal level has made the word of God to no affect in this 21st century because most men want you to speak with them and not just at them besides there is a skewed view of religion vs. relationship in our society with our Creator.

Filthy Rags Outreach will bring the 21st Century Body of Believer a Gospel Without Walls. A familiar gospel message same principles. Kind of like Deja'vu but instead with a twist of Vu'jade which is the gospel begin seen with a new perspective and a new insight to the New Generation and culture of Men that has not grown up in the Traditional Church setting.

Our mission is too help redeem those that we can relate too and point them to the Redeemer.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

F.R.O. Visionary

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