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Filthy Rags .... Transparency Meeting

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The discussion today was about the Ministry of Transparency. Why? because transparency is key in ministering to the 21 Century Church because each generation seeks a sign. So being a minister in this Century we have to be in touch with somethings of others cultures but not intune with them and at the same time we have to adapt to somethings but not adopt. Its not our business to get into your business. But its our business to tell you About somebody that knows all your Business.. (GOD) But there's also somebody else that know your business.....and thats the devil. So ask yourself today who are you doing business with ? Will you be about The Father's business (JESUS )are about the Devil's business ? Now ask yourself who have you been doing Business with ? Now think on it in the transition of transparency in becoming what you want to be or not. Choose this day whom you will serve ? (read ) Joshua 24 :14-15

Michael Rhem

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