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God is being shed abroad in our hearts each day

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Good morning friends and family, its your neighbor with you in the light of another beautiful day thats been giving, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I am so glad that the love of God is being shed abroad in our hearts each day. i wanna emphasies ( each day.) because this is where we find our daily bread. God instructed the children of Isreal to not harbor the manna from heaven. but to receive their daily portion. eat now says the Lord. so many people do not know what it is that they have sitting on the table. that the Lord has prepared before them. do you? God has prepared a table before you in the presence of your adversaries. and on the table everyday. there is a bowl of fresh mercy, love and grace. sometimes we are given the bread of affliction. and we have to eat it right away. because we might not understand it. and throw it away. not knowing that was the sustenance needed to bring about healing. or victory over the battle. and what i mean by affliction are unexpected circumstances. King david said it is good that i have been afflicted that i might know Gods precepts. friends know that in this last hour that we are living in. God has your back. and all you have to do is say i dont know, or understand all that is goin on. but what i do know is. is that my God is true. and He will never leave me nor forsake me. in any situation. and neither will i forsake Him. by forsaking the body of Christ. or the fellowship with belivers. love is established in the process of us learning how to put up with one another, esteeming one another higher than our selves. sacraficing our foolish pride when we are offended. I end on this note. you my friend are a portion of the bread that God wants to distribute to a dying and lost world. you may be burnt bread, white bread, or even half done bread. LoL! but you are the bread. your testimony, your life experiences, your personality. all that are. happy holidays, holy days, and every days, Gods love. sincerely your neighbor c- y.

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