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[Scriptures]: Psalms 107:20/ Mark 2:2/ Act 8:4-8.

God's word is powerful. It has no equal. Anything with in ear shot of the gospel must give ground to the power of God. At the name of Jesus every knee must bow. Angels, men and demons, the devil himself snaps to attention at the very mention of that name. When you preach in that name. The gates of the kingdom of darkness are thrown wide open. It has no choice. It must release it's captives. The captain of the heavenly host is Jesus. One of God's names is 'more than enough,' and when it comes to the power and authority of God's kingdom, matched against the kingdom of darkness, it's over kill. When God's light shines in the darkness, the darkness cannot extinguish it.

We are going to need more than wise and elegant words in these times to get the message across. This world has spoken one language sense it's inception. That language is power. We can see the early church and it's members were empowered. In fact, it was said that Jesus confirmed what they preached with signs following. His Amen was a miraculous demonstration of God's grate power and authority.

In the days that are coming. We are going to need faith in God's supernatural power. The only place we get this, is from hearing God's word, both in the Bible and by those who preach it in power. Armor up and fuel up for the fight. The battle lines have been drawn awhile now. There's no more time to play. You don't want to miss playing on the winning team doing grate exploits for God in the establishment of his kingdom and power on the earth.

I leave you with Romans 13:11-14

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