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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Good morning! It never cease to amaze me how God deposit things into my spirit and where I'm at when He makes His deposit. This morning while I'll was preparing myself for today, a thought came to me. Now before I get into the details of this thought, I want to explain something because I feel that there might be some people that might want to ask me this question, 'how do you know that God is the one who made the deposit of what I'm about to share?' Well, I'm no scholar and I have no theological degrees. All I have is monuments of testimonies of what has happened in my life and how God has blessed me with the revelation that He has always been my covering, protecting me. I'm not highly educated, so God makes things simple for me to understand. He speaks to me simplistically in way that's not complicated. Do I understand everything that God allows and all of what God is doing, absolutely not. However, I understand that the understanding that I have of Him, God gave me this understanding. So this is how I know that God made this deposit in my spirit this morning, it's simple. There's only two spiritual entities that exist, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, God and Satan. Let us all get this perfectly clear, Satan hates God. That's the bottom line. Therefore I assure you that Satan is not interested in depositing into your spirit any type of thought of God or the thought of carrying out a task for God. Our thoughts about God, comes from God. So this morning I woke up and I was thinking about my daughter, my two sons and my grandsons. I started visualizing being in church, at the pulpit sharing my testimony and the many different times the Holy Spirit tugged on my heart and guided me throughout this 20 years of incarceration. Then my visualization began growing bigger with a scripture coming to mind. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord," Psalm37:23. The the words 'good man' were the two words that stood out to me in that scripture. I asked myself, 'what makes a man, "a good man?" That led me to another scripture in the book of Matthew where someone had referred to Jesus as a "Good Teacher". Jesus' response was, "why do you call Me good? No one is good but God." Jesus said that no one is good but God. So that being the case, God is the measure of what's good, right? Since God is the determination of what's good, I started thinking about how I measured up, and I started to wonder about how God sees me. I started from the begin, Genesis. Everything was created by God. From the waters of the earth, to breathing life into mankind, God created it all. And this is what God said every time after He has created something and examined it. The Scriptures says, after God said, 'LET THERE BE', whatever it was, was and after He saw it, God said it was good. Some of us may even wonder and say to ourselves, 'how can God see me as good,' or 'there's no way that God can ever see me as good.' However I know without a shadow of a doubt that I haven't always been good, or done good. OBVIOUSLY! :-) While ignorant of the love that God has and always had for mankind, I can identify moments in my life where by my behavior I've deliberately offended God. If all of us are willing to be honest, we can all admit that we've offended God. However, God has never lost His love for mankind. For some reason, God has a special space in His heart for all of us. Including those of us who has *messed up*. Some of you might ask, 'how do I know that God has a special space in His heart for us who has messed up?' Well, just like the old church song 'Jesus Loves Me... this I know, for the Bible tells me so.' The Bible tells me so. In my opinion, I would think according to society's standards, murder would be deemed the worst crime to commit on American soil. Punishable to life in prison or a sentence of death. This is the worst crime, MURDER. Scriptures transcribed the first murder that was ever committed where Cain killed Abel. Genesis chapter 4. If you Genesis chapter 4, you will see the Gods love. Before Cain made his move towards killing his brother, God spoke with Cain, just like any loving father would, especially when he sees that his child (son or daughter) is upset and about to make a decision that they're gonna regret. (Genesis 4:5-7) Yet despite God's advice, Cain still kills his brother. And not only did Cain kill his brother, Cain had the audacity to give God an attitude when God came to him inquiring about Abel. (Genesis4:9) That makes me think of all the times that I've ignored sound judgment, and I run off to do a thing and have an attitude towards anyone who confronted me about my behavior. I'm sure I'm the only one who has experienced this. :-) YES, there is a consequence for our disobedience. (Believe me I know) Just like God handed down a consequence for what Cain did. Nevertheless, even after Cain killed his brother, God still provided protection for Cain. Genesis 4:15 From the very beginning, since the creation of mankind God has been trying to show us how He looks at us and how much He loves us, yet we continuously break God's heart. Read Genesis chapter 5:5-8 The scriptures says, v.5 'God seen our wickedness, and that EVERY intent of the thoughts of our hearts was ONLY evil CONTINUALLY. v.6 'And the Lord was SORRY that He made man on the earth, and He was GRIEVED IN HIS HEART.' That sounds like a father's love for his children. What father wouldn't be grieved if all his attempts to have a relationship with his children was being ignored? So now just imagine how God feels. God has done everything He can to show us HOW HE SEES US. Since the creation of man, God has been making every attempt to show us how much He wants to have a relationship with His children. So much so, He sent His Son so He can see us beyond our blemishes. My prayer is to whoever that reads this is, that God will bless you with the revelation of who He really is. I believe once anyone is blessed with the understanding that God is the fullness of everything. The fullness of love, the fullness of mercy, the fullness of peace and the fullness of forgiveness and recognize that there is no such thing as *lack* in God's vocabulary, To whom God gives grace too, your life will never be the same and you will know that you know that you know, Exactly HOW GOD SEES YOU. Because the Bible tells me so. :-)

I Love You Guys/God Bless

Assignment: BE A BLESSING


Michael Rhem #723868

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

191Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa. 98520

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