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Individuals Of Institutions

First of all I.O.I arises and exist only by means of characteristics and or behavior. These individuals center their activities around building others up in the fundamental social approach, culturally, academically, racially spirituality and financially. They permanently unite a group of people in a cooperative task. Once decisions have been made to move forward by the larger society, I.O.I uses His resources to confirm and explain why the larger made such decisions and occasionally, I.O.I are called upon to play leadership roles usually I.O.I work behind the scene.

I.O.I can acquire a variety of powers due to their non-biological permanency. If financially supported, they survive aging, political shifts and drastic social changes. An I.O.I powers are in proportion to and may be measured by His ability to create, store and circulate data, develop and influence generations of men and women, aggregate people around issues, network with others I.O.I that can do all these things well and become very powerful.

The greatest limitation of I.O.I and its power is the lack of tranferability its power to a particular individual, at a particular time, on a particular issue. Because every I.O.I is evaluated individually.

This I.O.I institute promotes institutional leadership instead of charismatic personalities. These men will build Constitution and Governing By laws for their personal lives and Guide, Guard and Govern others that willing to join the process of power and build generational wealth.

This is my own personal Individual Of Institution Model that I'm continuing to build upon this journey.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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