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Injustice prevail again...

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

How is it possible that we can call America a place of justice when a 17

year old white kid can carry a AR assault rifle in the middle of the streets and murder two men and assault another and be found not guilty. This verdict puzzles me because I'm housed in prison and I see young men that have been sentenced to football numbers 20,30,40 even all the way up to 80 years in prison and some have not even murdered anybody just assault someone.

This is plain out rediculous whether its politics or policing BIPOC men and women will never get this type of justice in America. What I'm really starting to take from this society is politics and policing are a gang of themselves just like the crips and the blood are its just they are on different playing field

with the same colors.. Yes I know this blog is filled with emotions but its the world that live.. Welcome to America Justice system filled with injustices.

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