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John 14:27

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27 Allow me to share a genuine piece of my soul that very few have seen. Normally an apology letter is addressed to specific victims and their families but my crimes were against the community and society, which includes you. My crimes were not just against the immediate victims and their families. So, I just wanted to share it. Truth is the key healing element to the pain of the soul.

I was on death row for murders I did not actually commit, although I was in the area when my co-defendant shot them. Later, I learned that being there was the same as committing the crime. I did nothing to stop him so I own it. My co-defendant the actual shooter received less time than I. I have been in prison for ober 40 years. I will never be released. However, I help others do legal work or clemency to be released. My greatest commitment is bringing prisoners to God. /////////////////////////////////////////// I am sending you this letter as an actual and specific apology for the violence I inflicted on you and your family, and for each moment in your lifetime it replays itself. I am extremely sorry for each person murdered, each person assaulted, and the other persons, including families, victimized by the murders, assaults and the robbery that I was involved. I am deeply sorry for all the senseless pain I needlessly inflicted upon you as a surviving victim, and the families of all the victims, for destroying your love, your peace, your security, and for injecting my despicable self as a tragic chapter in your life and family heritage. I accept full personal responsibility for all acts and omissions during the commission of the crimes on that tragic and horrendous night. My memories haunt me. I implore you to hold me totally accountable. There are no reasons nor excuses for the heinous, atrocious and inhumane acts I committed. I am very, very sorry. It took me a long time to get it. Now I get it. Please forgive me. I will not dishonor you, or the other victims, by mentioning your cherished and precious names. I have forfeited any right, or entitlement, to speak the names of the honorable and innocent victims of my senseless and irrational crimes. My filthy mouth and soul are beneath a whisper of your revered names, beneath a modicum of human dignity. I have no expectations of forgiveness, acceptance of this apology, nor understanding of its motivation. My prayer is that this long overdue apology plays some role, however insignificant, in your healing process. This is not an excuse to justify my actions, nor a ruse for a bid to release from prison. This apology is not attached to any other document. It stands alone as a sincere and genuine apology. Moreover, I am sorry for disrupting the peace and security of the neighborhood, the community, and society at large for my devastating actions of violent crime. Finally, I am sorry, for I am a coward, and did not apologize sooner to help begin your healing process. I can not even begin to understand your pain. I am so sorry. May our Lord and Saviour bless you and yours with His mercy through His comfort and healing, so you can persevere through your trials and tribulations, to have a closer relationship with Him. Humbly in prayer, Scott C. Smith /////////////////////////////////////////// By law I am not allowed to contact the victims or their families so they will probably never see the apology letter but I felt it to be appropriate regardless. Thank you for allowing me to share the truth. Grace, mercy and peace. SCOTT

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