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Filthy Rags,

And the commander of the Lord's army said to Joshua,

"Take off your sandals from your feet,

for the place where you are standing is holy."

And Joshua did so.

Joshua 5:15.

Glorious Heavenly Father,

We kneel humbly in submission before You on this miraculous morning to declare Your Son, Jesus Christ, is our precious Lord and Saviour.

Lord, we see Your light on our paths. Many times we follow Your light. However, there are other times in which we find ourselves intentionally being disobedient. Truly, we do NOT know why we do this. At times we find ourselves at a crossroad, and we know all crossroads are simply a life or death choice. And sometimes we stupidly choose the road to death by doing things on our own to be independent from You. Lord, we are so broken that we've forgotten the lesson You taught us. It was merely a small simple piece of fruit which initiated all of humanity's fall into sin and disobedience. The fruit of disobedience. We know disobedience is sin. Are we not worthy to be Christians, disciples of Jesus Christ? We are so broken. We hear You calling us. We answered the call. We are disciples of Jesus Christ. We know You love us, and yet, we lie to You and break our promises to You. Why are simple acts of kindness, honesty or obedience so difficult for us? Lord, we ask for a change of heart to cease our sinful stubbornness in obedience. Lord, we hate to trouble You with our petty problems but our fellowship and worship is suspect, if not waning. True confession, sometimes we give TV, telephone or video games more time than we give You. We are ashamed, but we are weak. Lord, You know we are weak. Weakness is no excuse, but rather, it is our motivation to fast from TV, telephone and video games. Please give us the strength and discipline to fast from the burdens and obstacles which hinder our ability to stay focused on You. We are sorry for being unworthy of Your loving embrace of grace. Lord, thank You for not giving up on us. Sometimes we feel everyone has abandoned us, but You always deliver by dispelling our loneliness with Your living presence through the Holy Spirit.

We love You, Lord. We invite You into our hearts to examine us, to purify us, to cleanse us, write Your law on our hearts, fill us with the Holy Spirit, and transform us to do Your will and glorify the Father. These things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our precious Lord and Saviour. Amen.

His most unworthy servant.

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