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Many Words has The Power To Damage A Persons Self-esteem.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Being mindful is a component of having intelligence, respect, consideration, etc.etc... this list is long. The word ignorant, has so many definitions : 1) uneducated 2) unschooled. 3) unenlightened. 4) Innocent. 5) unaware. This one word that branches off of ignorant, with the definition of stupid, I don't agree with telling someone that their stupid. I feel God has given all humans something very special outside of Him and life, it's within you to do the mathematics in gaining that rewarded. The ignorant person needs to be taught. The one who has doubt, needs things to be explained to them. The neglected person needs to be rewarded. The person who willfully persists in error, needs to be warned. It's not right to treat a person who does not know about something in the same manner as if they did. Treating a person who doesn't know or understand a matter or issue clearly too harshly, will only push that person away from wanting your assistance. Treating a person in such fashion keeps the person that don't know or fully understand from learning from any advice or knowledge you may have. The End. Please pick one of the three ways : Steve Anderson 288318 H*4-B63. 1) The comment box. 2) jpay . com 3) Stafford creek corrections 191 Constantine way Aberdeen Wa 98520 Last Thoughts : Being down with the good looking out policy, yea by sharing thoughts, feelings, or opinions, thats how we create better into reality. The purity in kindness delivers motivation, and hope.. Well people it's really been fun, as you see my thoughts stay on the highway doing 99 in the 55zoone. Take Care and be safe. Steve.

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