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Mcqueen Varnes

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Humility and honesty make me teachable. My usefulness requires that I empty myself daily in the eleventh step. It is there in the presence of my higher power I find that no matter how honest I have become, there's always something new to learn about myself and my higher powers plans for me. When I assume this attitude great things follow :-)

I came to believe. Making conscious contact with my creator has shown me the greatest thing I know about my higher power is that he knows me. The more I expand this truth. The more secure I become in not needing to know everything. He is the principal, I am the agent. Where he leads, I am compelled to follow. In following directions I came to find a God of my own understanding, and in understanding I am understood.

There, we're all caught up on reflections:)

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