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Michael Rhem - My Testimony of Faith

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

If someone were to ask me, "how do you know that God is real?" This is what I would tell them: Hindsight being 20/20, when I look back over my life I can actually identify many accounts of God's intervention and His hand covering my life. Early in my life through my father and my mother I was exposed to violence. During my adolescent years I was passed around from family member to family member until eventually I found myself on the streets as a homeless teenager. There's a desperation, a hollowness and a sense of hopeless that birth in me a carelessness of my life, that manifested itself as I.D.G.A.F. about anything, including my own life.( I can see now that the devil was prepping me, getting me comfortable with death and acceptance of the destruction of my life). In the midst of desperation, being hungry and thirsty literally, being at my most vulnerable, I confused acceptance as affection. I discovered a counterfeit version of family through gang affiliation. I wasn't sleeping outside anymore and I wasn't sleeping in stolen cars anymore. I now had homies hiding me out in their bedroom closets or somewhere in their parents garage. Being in the street it seems like that there was always some type of "funk" (conflict). Whenever a homie/friend of mine got themselves intertwined in a "funking" situation, I had nothing to give, therefore to show how much I appreciate my homie/friends friendship I gave myself completely to the funk that they were in. There's numerous people I've "rode" and did things with, however this is one of thing

thats standing out to me at this moment. In the early 90's there were three cats that I ran with for a brief period of time. I was always getting locked up. I remember all four of us riding in a car together just "kicking up dust". Today three of out of the four cats that use to ride around together "putting in work" are deceased. Each individual died violently. I use to wonder, 'why was I spare?' I noticed how I was either incarcerated or somewhere else we death struck. Looking back over my life, I can see God's protection has always been all over me. (I wouldn't recognize until years later). After numerous encounters with being on the wrong side of the law, and numerous encounters of barely escaping death, nevertheless the question that I asked myself wasn't enough to cause me to really take inventory and examine my life. It wasn't until I started to question the significance of my existence when I began to notice that 'Something' is trying to speak to me. I began to start noticing these 'feelings'. The things and the activities I was participating in started to feel different to me. I wasn't 'saved', I didn't know God, I didn't know His voice. I didn't know anything, so it was impossible for me to see how God was try to intervene and protect me from myself, but I knew I was losing the enthusiasm I once use to feel when it came to 'putting in work'. No one knew, but I wanted something different for my life. I was thirsty again for something different. I just didn't know where or what it was that I really wanted, however I knew I wanted something different than what I had in front of me. I realize now, way back then, (20plus years ago) God was changing my appetite. I've realized God is not limited. He can and will use anyone or anything, any circumstance and any situation to get the attention of His chosen sons and daughters. Most times, most of us don't take heed until we find our lives in complete disarray. I know I've ignored multipule calls from the Lord. I've disrespected God, offended God with my lifestyle choices. I even cursed God at one point in time in my life. Yet and still I'VE BEEN SPARED! God's love is not the same version as man's love. God's patience surpasses my own personal ability of being patient. Right now as I'm typing this text, I've been in prison for 20 going on 21years, and God has been merciful towards me. I can't understand it. I haven't done anything worthy of receiving God's love, mercy and forgiveness, yet in 2001 God forgave me for all those days of my life where I deliberately missed the mark.(SINNED AGAINST GOD). BUT He has been merciful towards me. Read Ephesians 2:1-5. When I was homeless, hungry and thirsty. Full of rage and frustration. Now when I read God's word I can see His hand has always been all over my life. I know God's Word is alive because like a mirror God's word reflects the pass that He saved me from and His Word projects who I am, what and where He wants me to be. This scripture gives just a glimpse of my life's journey Read Isaiah 55:1-11 There's other things I will share in the future that will further explain why I know that the Word of God is living and through His Word I can see my life. Past, Present and Future. No Matter What - WE ARE BLESSED

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1 Comment

Darrick Jennings
Darrick Jennings
May 05, 2021

Wow where can I start what a wonderful word spoke that was transparent with transition...

The life we glorified and stood by manifested itself to the grave or to incarceration....

when my soul went to heaven and God spoke to me I was incarcerated and it reminded of Joseph in the dungeon.

there was much work there but in the mean time God showed me how he was hiding me out for such a time as this ( Esther). And although I didn’t like lock up at the time I was going through it because I didn’t understand the plan but when Jesus played it out for me he protected me from doing harm to my self and al…

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