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Merry Christmas - Mcqueen Varnes

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Trusting God is the most courageous thing we can do in the earth. To trust Jesus is to know him as Lord. When we know and understand him as Lord we become fit for him to us us as vessels to bring His saving grace to others who need him. What a blessing it is to be used of the lord.

Envelope yourselves in Christmas presence. The greatest peasant you receive in this life is the presence of God found in the Holy Spirit who takes up residents in you upon acceptance of Christ as lord and saviour. Rejoice, Jesus has saved us from all of our sins so that we might serve Him without fear all the days of our lives :)

Christ was born in Bethlehem which being interpreted is house of bread. Christ himself said that healing is the bread of His children. So Christ gave himself as healing to all nations. So let us receive with gratitude the healing power of Christ over our nations this year. Nothing pleases Him more than we we humbly receive the free gift of His love and acceptance :) Merry Christmas my friends.

Q :-)

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