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My Introduction

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Hi, My name is Jermohnn Gore I'm currently serving a sentence that is an absurd amount of time and I'm writing this letter to reach out and see what type of support and bridges I can build with sharing my story. I need somebody that can have my back. I received an 82 year sentence when I was 16 years of age for murder that was deemed in the newspaper as an accident on May, 5, 2015 in Pierce County. I understand the courts need for a conviction, but what I don't understand is the amount of time I'm suppose to do when there was no intent for murder. How I am to be rehabilitated without the chance to see society again? The question is, I can, but only for the system because I will be prison. I have had a few mentors and my mentors have helped me see my light, the Filthy Rags Outreach is not just about a couple of men that's trying to get out of jail but to make an impact in the community each member comes from, and to actually better themselves despite the situation they are in or come from. This letter is short, yes, but this is me reaching out and I'm willing to accept support and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for reading, if you would like to reach me you can contact me at and type in my DOC #394447 and you can also write me a letter I am located in Stafford Creek Corrections Center. I also would like to say Thank you to my big bro Alphonso bell his Filthy Rags Outreach and giving me an avenue to reach to the world. It just takes the push, motivation and dedication and that chance to make it. Thank you again

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