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Pandemic through the eyes of our prison..

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Seeing the sun rise and fall on the shimmering of razor wire becomes complicated.. Watching prisoners walk around with no root, given pacifiers to cope with time. Like a thumb in the mouth of a baby so we are. Stand tall we say yet no one does. Structures of judgement set to exclude what's Just, facades of truth we settled for the 42 fake. false love false friend false trust.. Look where it brought the hope of promise in a man.. Staring at concrete counting the dots of the cracks. This is a day in the life of a prisoner, alone and tired always left out yet knowing not where you place or how you fit in the puzzle of society which only knows not to accept. Hold true the hope of a future, a family, and real love not torn down by the projections of a pissed off guard. Purity's finest found in a flower confined by walls yet never foregoing the essence of its beauty.. natural at that we learn when we hurt, grandma died? momma too? pain so real you'd never understand the depths. Mislead and misguided we find direction from the hurt yet told to mask up give up and disperse we lose sight. Treat me like a animal I may just bite yet treat me as I am I'll respect.

The error of a man's his own way yet how do we still not see? finding truth around you isn't so hard but sacrifice is. How do you give away everything you knew when you've already given so much? .Hope. Found in the promise of a dripping tear, comes a lion bright as Judah the prince of peace figuring out the care of a soul you once thought not to matter. We find this hope. You mean my life has meaning, purpose at that? this makes no sense I was given away to the darkness of my choice redeemed by the tear on my cheek. You care?

Joel Krebs

I believe, now teach me what I don't yet know so I can tell of the glory of a kiss on the cusp of a bride riddled with hope. Brighter than the sun you say my future is, watching the dust of your footsteps I look at the clouds and watch the sun set on the same chain link gate. falling for the purpose found in you I found purpose in myself. Creator of all create me, teach me to know myself like you do and believe in the purpose of life like the one you gave me. Give hope in the dimmest of my path and strengthen these feeble knees in weakness. I'll only be, what you already are. Love.

Joel Krebs #393156


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