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"Phonzerille's Prophetic Praises Of Psalms"

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

For those that don't understand this language called Popping P' its a form of writing called alliteration which is and occurrence of two or more words having the same initial sound.

Many that know me know I have always been a man of many metaphors. Pretty raw from the jaw kinda like tongue, gum and teeth when it came to word play and the mouth piece.

But the difference in my past life and my present life is I'm a new creation in Christ old things have passed away behold all things are new. The past life I was pitching pack, selling crack driving Cadillac. Now I preaching prophetic prophecies from prison pulpit over prisoner's lives with passion and purpose.

As God's anointed Alphonso Albert Alexander Bell Triple "A" B.C before Christ.

Its clear to me now what my calling is to be so that's why I cannot misuse or abuse the gift nor the grace of God but only guide, guard and govern my life as a Real "G" should as God's Son.

My objection in sharing with you this form of lingo is to Minster to a 21st Century Church and to do that I must first be in touch with the people but not in tune with the people, then I must adapt to the people but not adopt to the people. In other words cultural adaptation.

Phonzerille 20/20

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