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In our communities today there is one situation that former gang members not adults are not addressing... relatability. They're not giving back to the same environment in which they grew up in. So the question is, why is it we don't relate or give back anymore? Are we fearful of who we once where as these young brothers and sisters? What part of the puzzle is missing that keeps us from relating recognizing our civic duties as former gang members and adults in our communities?

As a former gang member I watched ministers of faith go out of their way to accommodate and be part of the lives of men like myself willing to provide opportunities for engagement in society the only problem was they where unrelateable. There where also adults that have consistently made excuses for not getting involved. What I found out is that, in the process of "living life,"

many have forgotten about who they are, producing a disconnection with the youth of today. This drifting away from self and the community has caused them to be blind to what the true problem is.

We have become disconnected from the next generation, programmed to forget about our own in light of success and our own comfort. Most important, we've forgotten the learning curve of youth. Let's do better!

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