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"Soul Mate" By: T. Leno

I recently received a poem by an artist who is exceptional at his craft. And I wanted to share his writing with the world because I believe it mainly speaks "Gods love" but touches souls as well. Its what the world needs right now...

"Soul Mate" By: T. Leno

A person can spend an

Eternity looking for the

Perfect soul mate and may

Never find them

A person can find a

Soul mate in the blink

Of an eye

But to find one that

Is truly special is the

Biggest joy one can


It is not their looks

That draw them together, but

What's in their hearts. It's

That special connection that

Brings them together

A pure love draws

Them, moves them and gives

Them a sense of being that

Makes them laugh, love, hate

And forgive, have families

Enjoying themselves

That special connection

Is what holds them together

For eternity...

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