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The Best Time To Ponder The "Knowledgeable" Is NOW!!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

To not share them is so unfair to yourself and the other people that is seeking to be rich within. [4*10*22*2020] Proceeding : "Judge your worth in the sight of your Creator by the space you have allocated to Him in your heart, and your worth in the eyes of the people by the worth of your treatment of them. Do not be neglectful of the truth, even for a moment. And yet : "among human beings be one of them." "Take note of, and be attentive to, such behavior as causes others to be loved by you. Then, remind yourself that by means of the same behavior you will be loved by them. Behave decently all the time, and be alert! Have a wonderful evening, thank you for your time. Three ways to be a star in my world, by sharing your time, thoughts, opinions and feelings or the asking of any questions, all above are welcome also in truth I'm an open book. Steve Anderson 288318 H-4*B63 1) The comment box. 2) 3) Stafford creek corrections 191 Constantine Way Aberdeen Wa 98520 Take Care Steve...

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