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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

QUESTION: Have you ever asked yourself or wondered, 'What is my purpose?' In 2013 I was remanded back to the Pierce County Jail for an evidentiary hearing. While in 3northC I was housed on the top tier in a single man cell, alone. Laying on my back, staring at the ceiling, contemplating the 14 going on 15 years of my life that I've spent in prison at that time, this question started to ring in my head, 'WHAT IS MY PURPOSE'? I began to really think, what is my reason for existing? For a minute I was unable to answer the question. So I just continued to lay there, on my back, still hearing the sounds of jail and that's when God dropped the answer down to me in my spirit. I got excited! So without thinking I banged on the neighbouring wall to get the attention of the dude that was in the cell next me. I was like, ''Ah, have you ever thought about what 'cha purpose is? Like what's your reason for existing?" The cat next door answered me saying, "yeah, I've thought about it." Then I asked him, "well, do you know what it is?" He responded back like I offended him or something, he was like, "nah, do you know what your purpose is?" I said, "yeah, I think God just told me what my purpose is!" "Oh yeah, then what is it?" That's when I told my neighbour , "I believe God just told me that my purpose is to be a blessing to whoever I come in contact with. Leave'em in better shape than how I found them! I believe that's what my purpose is." Simple as that. That's one of the many reasons why I love God, He knows what I can handle and therefore He keeps it simple for me. :-) Since that night in the County Jail, I pray and ask God to not let me forget, and to remind me of my purpose. TO BE THE BLESSING TO WHOMEVER YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH. Praise God, Be Blessed!

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