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The "Knowledgeable" Are Components Of Truth.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

They are all mandated by your words, in the

truth of your actions.

This high power component I'm about to speak on is also

deeply affiliated with "the good looking out policy".

In Proceeding :

Intentions are not a given right to having bragging rights.

Whats done is between you and God, if for any other reason you

rethink that statement above, in any fashion, will show your evil intention.

The real intentions, is a person doing charitable deeds, without wanting anything back, the in goal is to bring relief to a persons life.

All intentions don't require money. Making a person smile, or giving your time to listen just as giving your best understanding, any one of the these are never over rated.

Converting your thoughts into your action, spontaneously, many times a lot of thinking keeps us from being rich, when your heart speaks, you're to act.

The "good looking out policy" is a person always doing what they can, and having the understanding that it's a blessing to be able to assist.

And we don't keep count, I got your back, them old school words., with a powerful meaning.[5}

The intention of a person is not the utterance of words, your actions

are required.

It is an overflowing from the heart which runs like conquest inspired

by God.

At times it's made easy, at other times it seem to be difficult,

giving up is being unfair to yourself.

A persons heart is overwhelmingly righteous and will finds it easy to summon good intentions at most times.

Such a person has a heart generally inclined to the roots of goodness which, most of the time blossom into the manifesto of good actions.

As for peoples hearts incline towards the overwhelmed by worldly matters, they will find this and the good looking out policy difficult to accomplish, and even the obligatory acts of worship becomes difficult and tiresome.

Real actions are only by intentions, and every person shows their real intentions in relationship, and in fulfilling anothers need.

The intentions are only rewarded by God, if the persons intentions are sincere.

A person with good intentions make their actions be with genuineness of understanding.

The End...

If I could have one wish, most would think I would ask for my freedom I got15yrs in, NOPE.

That would not be my wish, God, will free me on his time.

Pluse I'm in the lab working fixing myself, and collecting life tools.

My wish is that I ask that you do something kind for a person

You don't know

And then leaving a comment telling me you did that, it will show that you truly understand "the good looking out policy," also, that's very important

Doing something for a person you know really ain't the same unless you do it spontaneously, God, know all, I just feel we can all be and do better.

Two ways for you tap in, if you wish to share your thoughts and opinions are if you have any questions.

Steve Anderson 288318 - H-4-B-63


2- Stafford Creek Corrections

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa 98520...

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