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$"A...... # The Real Business.


Is Within The Decisions You Make, The Power Of Truth.

We all know & understand that we can't give back, or take away

words said, or our actions put forth, once there given into reality.

The more knowledge & understanding you gain of God's laws &

the Prophets ways passed down by God.

The process is rewarding within yourself, adding value to yourself

esteem is always a platinum move.

The gaining of knowledge provides you with understanding of

yourself, & the life tools that offers you being a success story.

Living & loving life is to be able to advance your goals, self-

esteem, knowledge, & understanding.

The better you're able to do for yourself & others, the more you

pave your standings in what's going to take place in the now &

the hereafter.

We can not overlook the now of reality, or the coming of the

hereafter, Gods plans has given guidance and understanding, &


[6-7-2021] (^27)

I pray that You are open to this wonderful process, it involves you

being truthful with this process.

If you wish not to partake in this process, because of some issues of the pass that have not been addressed,

thats all understandable.

I was that person at one time, never wanting to address the issues that stopped my growth.

18 yr's ago I had some of the same negative thoughts about replaying my whole life in my mind, as much as I could remember, that is.

As of today, I love new understandings, & sound knowledge, a challenge is the best just as the excitement to opening an unread book.

Theres no gain in not knowing the truth about yourself, or to what really makes you happy, or what shapes your beliefs?

Step # 1 is you analyzing yourself, to the best of your ability.

It just seem difficult within your mind, but once you start you'll feel the joy of dropping the unhealthy luggage.

Only you really know how you feel, and what really has taken place in your life, as my friend says, "everyone has a story."

These kind of activities will require you to engage in your pass activities, & of the right now moments.

The peeling away of the layers of confusion and lies have attacked your beliefs, words & actions, of really knowing who you are, & what beliefs that holds truth.

This kind of blockage halt any gaining of knowledge & understandings, because of whats been inherited into your belief system.

The deliverance of the inheritance that have been passed down into your beliefs affects your decision making, & outlook on religious matters.

The "untruth" & created inherited understanding is seen through a persons words & actions, the untruth is very unhealthy for a person.

I come to know & understand the facts of my pass life in the dealings of the untruth that I lived & breath within the lifestyle of my pass, but all these were learning tools, giving me the rights to look back, brings awareness to who I have became & what got dropped off.

Are you knowledgeable about any of the prophets?

The best part is God will not fault you cause your not knowledgeable.

Here are two of the components that awards you the opportunities to gaining life tools, patience, & speaking the truth with yourself, & others people.

Believe me people, you're going to run into a person that talks as

they know it all, just keep it respectful, it's many inheritor's walking

on dry land, but all the answers has not been given by God, Yet


Take Care..

$. Anderson #288318...

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