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The Robb Report - Questions to Listeners

Please respond -- no answer is the wrong answer.

1. Does incarceration make the community safer?

2. Will a prison cell address the hurt and loss of sense of security felt by the real victims of the headlines?

3. Do prisons heal victims of crime?

I look forward to hearing from listeners and I'd like to either speak on some of the responses, or call some listeners to talk about your responses or to qualify your responses. Please email your responses to

If you would be available on Thursday evenings (7pm to 8:30pm -- Pacific West Coast Time) to speak and be a part of the podcast, I'd ask that you leave your answers and a phone number and we will call you to have an open discussion.

Again, no answer is the right or wrong answer, but we want to create a restorative platform where we listen to each other's point of view and learn from each other.

I hope there are people out there brave enough to participate... and this includes law enforcement.



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