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title: A work in progress (aka unfinished)

title: A work in progress (aka unfinished)

Black male masculinity

do you fear it's strength

do you hate it's display

do you see how america has treated

a black male and his masculinity

how society has said...


how society has shown

that a black male's masculinity

will always be categorized

as toxic



void of morality

or intelligence

mindless menial only good for

having sex with

can you reconcile this fact

in your mind

that the black man and his masculinity

has always been weaponized

against his humanity


by the white male patriarchy

and the Karen matriarchy

all you son's of bitches

shut up and dribble

you super predator

you drug addict

drug dealing

breathing up the white mans air

crack fiend




deny your existence

hang you from a tree

and cut off your

dick so

any more like you

will instill more fear


the next generation

live on film

shoot you in the car

shoot you where you walk

shoot you if you run

shoot you if you stop

shoot you if you comply

shoot you if you don't

shoot you at home

shoot you at church

shoot you at work

shoot you at the store

shoot you in your back

handcuffed on the floor

what a harsh reality

black men and black boys

can be killed so casually



news propaganda

black children don't need fathers

because they're much more resilient

that much stronger

leave your nuts at the door

show no swagger

show no anger

dare not resist





pull up your pants

take off that do-rag

take off your hat

both hands on the wheel

both hands in the air

while you're down

on your knees

face on the ground

don't turn around

smile and ask for more

no matter what you do

there'll be no mercy

there'll be no outcry

you better not cry

it'd be better if you died

but not without permission

because if you survive the assault

whose going to listen

we venerate our grandmother's

we truly love and respect our mothers

we seen them struggle

we know their strength

we protect our sisters

we kill and die for our daughters

we elevate the divine feminine

the black family has always included the man

the black family has always included the woman

African identity

deep in our genealogy

from something so


these are not just titles

these are more than concepts

more than ideas

more than invention

more than innovation

these are cosmic principals

that cannot be written out

of the book of consciousness

cannot be done away with because of

today's sensibilities

today's sensitivities

today's politically correct


what about our experience


the subject matter experts

of what it means to be


unapologetically black

I'am not cis gendered

because my name is my name

those are your titles

those are your concepts

and precepts

our brothers do harm each other

pressurize each other

eat each other

I've done it because

it was done to me

but when we begin to

embody and embrace

what a man means

his function

his role

we do away

with the unconscious


we recognize the programming

we see what has been done to us

what we've done to ourselves

manufactured human beings

bred like pit bulls

treated like pack mules

and cattle

told to forget

400 years a slave

13th amendment

Marvin Gaye

said love one another

Snoop said never trust a bitch

we were just kids

not knowing it was sick

not knowing it was a trick

a divide and conquer


it was from a white girl

that I was first called a


5 or 6 years old

being told by a grown white man

not to ever speak to his daughter

even as a child

your masculine will be challenged

your skin will be damaged

your mind will be changed

your sprit will be drained

antagonize you at school

then put you on meds

lie to your parents

say its all in your head

make you feel crazy

say that you're ADD


and ADHD

not fit for society

born a crime is real

when you try to tell your


it's hard for them to hear

hard for them to feel

hard for us to heal....

from unexpressed trauma

unanswered question


prison is the colored section

wealth redistribution

survival programs

to counter act

genocide and oppression

we're not looking for power

over the body

the search is for equality

there's no more asking

there is only action

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