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"Trust me....this isn't what you want.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

To lose your ability to make your own decisions as a be directed/told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it by individuals that more than half the time can't measure up to you in most ways, is something I personally didn't take in to consideration when I was gambling w/my physical freedom. all under the guise of being a 'gangster' whom makes my own rules at the expense of any person/place/thing that gets in my way.. yeah. .the outcome that I've incurred for my choices sucks! my life now is beyond bogus and whack! to wake up everyday and look into the

mirror and realize how much of my truest potential is available but can't be utilized is a feeling I will never be able to describe to you w/my words. to watch the world pass you by while you view it through a television as a spectator and never as a participant, is a pain that will forever pierce your soul deeper then any blade or bullet could penetrate. To not know love or companionship in any real physical and meaningful way, when how grateful you would be for the opportunity, is a crime I've committed on myself that no judge could ever sentence me to w/out my consent, and consent for these sins is what you will be doing if you sentence yourself to a life of anguish as I have so many, many years ago, take my words and experiences to heart young world, don't squander your Truest and most Purest potential behind a lifestyle that has no real spirit, no real retirement plan, no real ending that is a happy one. take it from me on my 17th year of incarceration.....Trust me!! This isn't what you want.

Matthew C. Carrington #844016

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen, WA 98520, United States

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