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Walkin On Dry Land With A 3rd Of A Thought..

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

*In Proceeding : When we formulate our imagination it assists a us in new discovery of workable way's in moving forward in this world that's filled with so many challenge's & constraint's... People, let's not over look the confusion of the unknown, the day's of Covid ~19 has been here many years ago with a different name, the deadly result's are the same, just as it was many years ago... Once we imagine something we actually make it possible for ourselves, by envisioning the role's that's needed to bringing that powerful thought into reality, that's where it all starts, on the highway of thought's.. On the same note you must without any doubt's, that all thought's, "do not have a right to airtime, & self discipline is the controlling mechanism of which one's get airtime..." It's all about trusting in God, & acting in accordance with God's words spoken within your heart, along with the act's of prayer's, Godly dutie's all done faithfully... Please keep in mind, God know's of your intention's. So always do what you can for another person that's has a need that you can play a part in bringing that need to the becoming of a success story... The act's my include sharing nice word's, or by just spending time listening to another person, or by buying a meal for a person that you know is hugry, it's so many thing's we can do to creating better. The old world that I was apart of gave me some very exclusive life tool's that I still used today, we called this act "the good looking out policy..." Yes it comes with 3* laws... They Are : #1-You alway's do what you can, & do not look for any kind of get back from the person you're assisting... #2-The assistance you give to a person do not give you a greenlight to having bragging right's, this act is between you & God... #3-You have not a right to ever bring up what you did, so throwing it up in that person's face only show's your motive's was unclean from the beginning.. Anything short of that fact is not a waste, because some people go a slower pace while travelling up a hill, & just cause someone get's up the hill first don't make them a winner; there's components to everything, the right way & the not.. Our imagination cannot instantly change thing's in the material world, or "ituation's" that's in play.. ( "ituation's" : Problem's that are created by other people's word's or action's, or your's...) The imagination can change a person's attitude, & our "focus ness", just as positive thinking has the power to the way we feel when starting something new... The power is within people, & giving other's the right to that power I speak on is to be apart of all the thing's that spell's disrespect & a low self-esteem, & not a love drop from them.. If a person imagine that they are very tired the next move is to lay down & rest.. Just as a person feeling enthusiastic energetic, joyful & confident, they will quickly start to feel very positive energie's... The positive possibilitie's that we have with the power that create's a warmness within our heart's... Yes a positive momentum can take us far, and having faith brings belief to a higher level, but you have to do your part. To say, & not act, is the same as doing nothing, & the time that tick by will wait on no one... People, I do plan on returning, I do hope you enjoy my word's... Take Care... Contact Info Steve Anderson ~ 288318 Jpay. com Staffordcreek Corrections H-4-B*63 191 Constantine Way Aberdeen Wa - 98520

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