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What will you do?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The very thing that's brought so many melodies to the beat of the songs you hear, your hope to feel in the heart that's near, you feel the spark of intuition from the distance yet the things already known seem so bare. distant is this world of confusion that got us all so twisted, hoping one day these melody of words may spark soul intertwined with reason to revolutionize and socialize hope in this thing called love. reckless love, the reasoning with passion and anarchy yet stability in control. The thing you dream in sleep

but know not awake to exist. the look in the eye of man who hates because of what he does not know, yet understand of the passion mislead. individuality gone, identity gone, the blow of the wind and the man will change yet formed in the womb and known we forgot, built up and tried to be tall we fell, Baby, leaving the purpose of man and forgetting to return to his kind, killer of the man who died at the knee of hatred, Floyd. the star of a woman gunned at the barrel of ignorance, Taylor. kings of fallen to the rise of love in the choice of a man who judges character not color, present not past, success and not failure. If change is what we need to see, then change the nature of our choice and we'll see it.

What will you do?

Joel Krebs #393156

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen, Wa 98520

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