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~Love Letter To The Lord~

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

~Love Letter To The Lord~ {Spoken Word Poem}

Dear Heavenly Father,

I've known love since the day you created me,

And I still felt BLESSED, when the unblessed hated me...

They spit on me, and had the nerve to call me a traitor,

Because I chose to put you first, and You shown me Your favor...

You took my hardened heart of stone, and You made it Your own,

Washed me with the Blood of Your Son, so I could kneel at Your throne...


But You're telling me, 'Not yet!'

So You sent Your Spirit to comfort me, all the nights that I night that I wept...

All my promises that weren't kept, Lord You always forgave them,

You said, my poor choices and mistakes, I couldn't help but to make them...

Bad habits I couldn't shake them, See, I felt like such a pretender,

Til I,

Heeded Your word, and heard You say,

'Son surrender!'

You taught me to see the world with new eyes, You said neither judge, nor condemn,

Because all those that are lost, needs to be found,

Plus, once upon a time I was just like them...

I cussed like them, was ungrateful like them,

Now, I,

Stand in the gap, asking You to have Mercy on them!

The haters of You said, my chances were slim, but only if they knew that slim was all that it took,

For me to fall in love with You, after just one look!

After just one touch...

After just one smile...

I'm as helpless as a newborn child that why I'm reaching out to You now!



I'm seeking your Mercy,

Father, I'm yearning for your compassion,

It's been said that You hate the sin, but not the sinner, so that's why I'm asking!

But wait, wait, wait!

I feel like I'm running out of gas,

See, See,

Lord, I need Your roadside assistance,


I'm sitting on 'E', when I really need to be on 'F'

And I remember You walking into my life, after










I'm Your soldier God, reporting for duty,

I wanna march in Your Light, and speak Your truth to the deaf...

I wanna give Spiritual C.P.R. to the dying,

Restore Spiritual sight to the blind,

And I wanna do it all for Your Honor, and Glory Lord,

Not for my mine...

For I'm...

Just one soul,



Just one man,


Just one sinner, trying to Love You the best way I can...

Take my hand Lord, wherever You lead and guide me,

I will follow,

For You are the same God that saves,



And every single tomorrow!!!

Sincerely All Yours,

A Redeemed sinner,

Mr. Dennis Derise Corbráy (a.k.a. Texx)

Well My Friends, We've all been Blessed with another day for God to use US, as He Wills!!! Its so true what Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says in her book: ©To Live Until We Say Goodbye, that, ''People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle, and shine when the Sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their TRUE beauty is revealed... But only if there is 'LIGHT' within!!! Jesus is our Light... And just in case u may have forgotten, allow for me to remind each one of u that regardless of whatever it is ur facing that there is so much Light within U! More times than not ur Light will cause others to run away from u, or even worse hate u... Why??? Bcuz Light exposes some peoples most dark, and ugliest scars....Their chips, chinks, cracks, and holes that has fractured their minds, bodies, and souls.... Just please don't be discouraged, because, OUR GOD LOVES THE SOUND OF OUR VOICE!!! And sometimes the Loudest words, that our Hearts will ever speak, are the tears that run down our face! That's why it's vital that we stay connected to our Power Source... {God/His Word} Without His Spiritual Discernment, how else could we clearly see, and navigate through the many Spiritual battles we will undeniably be in the midst of? To help us see the many pitfalls that may appear as bridges, and the many wolves in sheep's clothing!!! Oh....How I Thank God for His Holy Spirit...The Helper... And I Thank God for each member of His Body, the Church... Today, May each one of us continue to Walk By Faith, and not by sight... And remember that WE have all been bought back (Redeemed) by the Power of the Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ... Your Brother In Christ, Dennis Derise Corbráy

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