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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I came up from up under the muddy waters, that is, up until the time that I was old enough to understand that ,then "PIPE DREAMS" is a mothafuckah ,

growin up city life, then my area code bein 213, no role models in my life

only the weight on a young niggas shoulders

sometimes I wish that it was another way out

I see the streets in front off me

but I'm uncertain at best

shit ain't right for ME and MY BIG BROTHER TROUB

so I'm ah give these streets my very best

now off and running for the chase


for it's never really any winner's in the end

for death comes to us all

I've witnessed good solid niggas getin twisted for the greenbacks,

and blk-on-blk then equals flat line like 100'X over

and now it's 3 adult felonies ain't this a bitch

all apart of big brothers infamous plan to like keep on setin us back

now twisted and missing in action

out of state incarceration like up in this EVERGREEN STATE

10 yrs later in-retrospect

and I can still see the faces

the exact same ole once young niggas

is now older niggas

and are STILL doing the exact same ole shit

shame on them all, for GOD have mercy on their souls for they can't see

once man-child / now man

my life's lessons came way by exclusive like then the HARD KNOX teachings

the street's tested me

and niggas from the other side

then they stayed checkin for me

everyday police constantly arresting me

but all along,

then the penitentiary was calling out for me

while on the inside then defiance I contested

and my rebellion from within

all along then stemmed from a much darker seed

a hate then much greater than myself

in the system I was self-educated

and taught that then the first law of nature is SELF-PRESEVATION

I studied Islam

and was taught to speak ki-swahili

my culture I now know

my culture I now understand

my culture I now completely embrace

I had to learn to dechiper between illusion

and then that which was right there before me

discipline we learn quick about the DO'S and DONT'S

and then niggas who got it coming

they get moved on

but I'm ah stay soldier that is

until my sanity is once again set free

this stronghold has got the noose like wrapped tight around my black soul

but if nothing else then I'm ah be alright though

20 yrs later in-retrospect

and I can still see the faces ...


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