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Filthy Rags Outreach: Transforming Lives, One Individual at a Time


In the heart of Stafford Creek Corrections center, Aberdeen, Washington, a profound transformation began. It was 2018 when Alphonso Bell embarked on a spiritual journey, seeking a path that would lead him to redemption. Yet, he couldn't help but notice the absence of men like him on the same path: those who had once lived the life of ex-gang members, drug dealers, and those who knew the streets all too well. Determined to make a difference, he reached out to his friend, Charles Champion, and together, they set out to reach those lost souls.

Amidst the confines of the prison's big yard, Alphonso and Charles engaged in discussions, addressing the false allure of the gang lifestyle. They understood that to make a lasting impact, they had to meet these men right where they were, amidst the darkness of their pasts. As founder Alphonso Bell puts it, "Sometimes, you have to confront uncomfortable truths to sow the seeds of change. Our motto is to meet men right where they're at."

These two extraordinary individuals, known as "Fatt Cuzz" (Alphonso) and "Baby Jody" (Charles), had once lived the very life they now sought to change. Charles was a former gang member who had been involved in drug dealing and was serving time for the tragic incident of shooting and killing Des Moines, Washington police officer Steven Underwood in 2001. Meanwhile, Alphonso had had also been deeply enmeshed in gang and criminal activities. Yet, it was precisely their street credibility and the respect they commanded that they harnessed to inspire change among their peers.

With time, Filthy Rags Outreach gained momentum, securing a sponsor that allowed them to move their gatherings from the big yard to a classroom. A sight to behold, this space brought together Crips, Bloods, and other gang members who, under different circumstances, would have been sworn enemies. Now, they were all united, discussing the harsh realities of their past lives and the pressing need for change. The most astounding part was that many of these men were actively taking steps towards transformation, even expressing a desire to help end gun and gang violence in their own communities.

However, the vision of Filthy Rags Outreach extended beyond the prison walls; they sought to reach men outside those confines too. Over time, their cause received incredible support from people across the globe. From building a website to establishing a powerful social media presence, they tirelessly recorded men's transformative experiences and testimonies from prison, even delivering sermons that exposed the lies behind the gang and street lifestyle.

By March 2021, Filthy Rags Outreach had extended its reach to Tacoma, Washington, offering a place where men could come together, find mentorship, and forge connections with others on the journey of change. But they didn't stop there. Their aspirations included hosting financial literacy classes, entrepreneurship programs, and job-readiness workshops. Through these initiatives, they aimed to stand by men and women in the community, especially those newly released from prison, guiding them toward a brighter future, free from the shadows of their past.

Their dreams became even more tangible when they forged partnerships with employers willing to hire the brave individuals from Filthy Rags Outreach. They also collaborated with Be A Friend Ministries to provide much-needed transitional housing, offering hope and stability to those who had previously felt lost and forgotten.

The road they treaded was not without obstacles, and every step forward demanded financial resources. Their passion and dedication were undeniable, but they couldn't continue, let alone progress, without the generous support of compassionate individuals like you.

Today, we invite you to be a part of this life-changing journey. As we proudly hold our 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, your donations can make a tangible difference in the lives of those striving for a better future. Your support will ensure that Filthy Rags Outreach can continue to touch hearts, mend broken spirits, and guide lost souls toward the light of hope and transformation.

Join us on this heartfelt quest and make a donation today. Together, we can change lives, one story of redemption at a time. Be the beacon of hope these individuals need; together, we'll create a future filled with love, compassion, and endless possibilities.

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