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97 Years in Prison

My JPay contact is now Crenshaw. Same DOC number, but u hav to accept Crenshaw on contact list.

Anyway. By now, most, if not all of u, have heard of my court proceedings. It's been a long road. A different type of fight. 97yrs in prison was a long time. And these decades in prison have been damn long too. And, shit, just going back to the county and thru Shelton R-Units this past month has been the hardest time I've done. But it gave me more perspective, a little more clarity. So I'll chalk it up to being necessary.

I really want to thank u all for ur love and support. Whether u whole heartedly believed in me, or supported me simply because u cared. Whether u've been here from the beginning, or just recently, I'm grateful and appreciative. And, believe it not, I'm in the process of an appeal. It's never been just about the time. As happy as I am, I'm still not content. So my fight still ensues.

There have been relationships formed that will last a lifetime. And then there have been some that played the part for the time being. It's amazing that there have been "homies" that rock with me, but friends that never showed up for me. Enemies that stood shoulder to shoulder, and back to back, against all the oppressive nature and culture of prison, but family that forgot about me. Some that even hated on me, betrayed me. But the strength of those that have been in my corner far outweigh the pressures that have tried to break me. I'm supremely thankful for all that have touched my life. Incredible.

Years ago I talked to an attorney and she told me it would cost $20,000 JUST TO READ my transcripts. I met a young homie from my turf -bad ass kid, still gang bangin- smart as hell with the legal work, looked at my Judgement and Sentencing and said, "You're going home." And for TWO YEARS he fought with the courts. THOUSANDS of dollars worth of legal fees for free. Xavier Magana. How could I not love him. He gave me back my life. Getting me home to my babies, to my family. And anyone in my mix should love him, should thank him. Cuz without him we wouldn't be celebrating.

The lady said just to READ my transcripts it would be TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. So imagine representation. And this young man did this simply because we're from the same turf and the man that I've been while I've been in prison. Hm.

Anyway. Once they calculate the right time structure in the computer I'll b applying for Graduated Re-Entry. Which should put me in work-release and then home monitoring. Not even camp. So I'm on my way, y'all. And, again, I thank you all. And best believe I'm ready. LET'S GO!!!

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