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Ira Cranshaw

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

My name is Ira Cranshaw. I grew up between the Hilltop and Lakewood areas of Tacoma Washington. Most incarcerated individuals know me as Syn. I am a living embodiment of the essence for what gangs were originally created . And now I would like to see our communities back to where they once were, when you could count on your neighbor during hard times.

The violence of gangs has devalued the people and the land around us. By not putting a value on ourselves and our neighbors we allowed for gentrification to take place. Because while we're so caught up in reaping the spoils of the "street life" we're taking away from our communities. And if all we know is the fast life we don't take time to learn about the struggles and successes of our predecessors. Those that truly struggled for our rights of freedom and civil liberties. What gang member cares about freedom and civil liberties ? ! Not until their freedom and civil liberties are taken from them. Gang prevention and intervention is needed because what gang life does is allow for those that would like to see us divided and conquered sit back and let us do that which they have set in motion since slavery.

Gang prevention starts by teach our babies better in the household. Morals, values, self-respect and a higher purpose. Gang intervention come because you know there are those that would like to do something different something more worthwhile but don't know how. FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH can and has impacted those that will lean more towards those that speak the same language just in more of a spiritual sense while showing a different path. Once they see FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH member can do it, they'll know its possible to make it further than just the hood.

Sincerely Mr. Ira Cranshaw

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