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"A Pandemic through Eyes of a Prisoner", Pt.2

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Monday Dec.14, 2020, I was "Quarantined" do to a inconclusive test result given by the facility. I was told my cellmate and I were both negative but one of the test were inconclusive.

Doing this time here at Stafford, in the cell I have "repositioned" my approach at life and how this pandemic has affected my daily living while being incarcerated. Staff here at the facility have put my cellmate and I on quarantine for two weeks.

In waiting for the test results from a second test I have restructured my work ethic to writing my petition for my release. A triumph way more challenging then waiting for a test result. In my rendition "God" has kept me humble in spirit and being proactive in my faith. Knowing my hands are full I still believe in his will of delivering me from uncertainty in life.

This past Thurs. Dec. 17, 2020, I celebrated the "repass" of my sister who passed a here ago from a hit and run in Las Vegas. She had endured in her life through trials being locked up herself. She was a lovable soul and a great mother. Our greatest moments were are "triumphants" in life. It has always been us two as brother and sister but we have survived in this life. Now that she's gone I celebrate a "sobriety of that love" we once shared. Everyday she challenges me two do my best and I do as I have always done.

Job 23: saids "But He knows the way that I take, When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold."....

In the event of worldly distressers we must continue the fight of a "glorified spirit." To persevere through its revelation of what life reveals in its uncertainty. Knowing his son is the "greatest gift" of our distressers in life, "God" intercedes through the "holy spirit" in prayer which brings us to are best, "Love". May your glory in life be filled with love as well...


Seattle, Wa.

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