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A Post from Tomas Afeworki

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In this day and age, I believe Christianity is being used, its morals hijacked to conform into twisted ideology of hate.

What ever happened to the champions such as John Brown a white man who gave his life to end slavery and proudly announced it was his Christian beliefs that won't allow him to stand by while slavery persisted..

This might come as a surprise but John Brown was a Republican..

So how is it so many alleged Christians, God fearing, moral driven people come to defend an adulterous, bigot who represents the sins that our God ever so warned us against, ie greed, lust,.. A person who cares little about Jesus our lord and savior??

Maybe these alleged Christians still haven't found the truth or maybe they idolize bigotry over Gods covenant.

Blessings let's learn to luv Gods Children..

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