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Angels Be with Us

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Matthew Nedeau...(common man walking with the Holy spirit) upon the breath of life blessed to us ALL by the GRACE of are father Angels soar within and around us ..what we can't see is usually what is most divine inside and out of are creation the Angels are here and will always be with us , seeking relationship and opportunity to guide us in a way that pleases at creator ... we must ask for this guidance and ask for the healing and understanding from these Angels, anointed by the father of all that is living and that makes life alive ..

let not your own understanding and your own idea of what will be done belong to you but rather than let it belong our creator ..have good heart and be open minded so u may be guided but be not a predictor of your future because one with faith must be willing to be led , and how can one be led? without first asking the father and Angels be with us... Angels be with us give us clear vision , help us know what is and is not of God have mercy on us father and accept are prayers for mercy and guidance please, u are a loving God who has made room for us to live on this earth and I just want to say thank u father , for all that is and has been and will be .. Angels be with us as we walk on this sacred soil and be with us a we live on earth and in Heaven ..kingdom come and be Now and forever Amen ..

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