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My elders say we are all walking Angel's..

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

...born upon the breath of life the sacred breath can't be seen but one knows its existence Is true and real !

is this what one would call faith ? what Is not seen yet what one must need to live and believe it so !

this sacred breath is what all things need to live it is what I like to believe makes us all relations , relatives and blessed to be apart of the sacred breath of life, see we are all spiritual beings born first to the spirit before the body making us all walking angels, but we must know who we are before we can have a relationship with woman , or the creator or just with self , so I was taught I am an angel as I everyone this way I learned to make all things relative and see God in all creation living on the breath of life because we all share this to live ..

see today I wake up knowing I can choose life and death in my ways, but this life from the breath to me ..Is not even asked for, nor is it a choice I inhale and exhale without a teacher to breathe , this is what I call Gods Grace ..undeserving and or paid for or earned love ..

oh great mystery thank u for the Grace to allow me this day,

tho I feel as if I choose to live , I now see it was u who chose me to live in this life for It was your love and Grace that gave me and my relatives of life the angels before me the breath to breathe the earth to walk upon , blessed are all who delight in this day alive by your spirit and grace ...

be patient and wait on the will of creator , make no decision to fast , take deep breathes of life and feel your body sing praise for the breath of life is a blessing , take in this air with me and call me your relative judge no one with a bad heart and focus not on what is not but rather what is already ...I thank u all for your life on earth for the times u made someone smile and I thank u for being my relative ..may we all cherish relationships..

Matthew Mark Nedeau 302260...

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