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Charles Sin'Cere Landry

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hello, My name is Charles Sin'Cere Landry I will be 37 years old this coming January, I'm African American, Egyptian and Creole the grandson of a Egyptian Immigrant Woman and American Black Panther I was born in San Francisco California. I'd like to give you a little back story about why I am here today living a valued life although trapped within the belly of the beast. At a very young age living in the projects of California where I'm from the lifestyle is what surrounded my every understanding of life existence, my Mother and Father both gang members one being from Lime Hood Piru the other one from Elm St. Piru. They separated when I was just 2 years old as my father went to prison, my mother chose the projects over her love for him so I grew up without my father. I believe this is where unknowingly the monster within myself was born, shortly after my mother became hooked on the very same drugs that use to provide for our household. This surely will open the door to express and explain to you how my household, embodied the nature and culture of the gang lifestyle from the beginning. Everyday waking up as a young child all I knew was the portrait painted of my family, which birthed me to become a product of my environment. At the school boy age I was embraced with the education, nature, culture design of gangbanging, hustling etc we know the rest. I grew to love the shared love I believed to be true love because my knowledge of what love was, had been only shown by the characters of the lost souls that only had a shallow minded understanding and education themselves of what love was. That created the path and helped design the journey for a generation of young ghetto soldiers who looked just like me, to wake up day in and day out with the enslaved wrongful mentality and identity of self. That led to the demise of a nation because nobody came along with the pure values of life to teach them different. So, they themselves developed the nature with a need to survive at all cost in their own manner, motivated to wear their version of war like uniforms such as a Military Vet does. The question is always why because nobody meaning those, who don't come from or comprehend the community of a people struggling to own just a portion of self. Due to the unknown mental development known as Urban Survival Syndrome, that of which within itself birthed another monster mentally with the people known as PTSD. I sit here now before you as a young educated Blackman with knowledge of self, community, and the availability to do different and live different because these walls of solitude have giving me something that wasn't naturally understood time to heal and learn. With all this to be said where I am getting at is we need to relearn the qualities of our four fathers ( Ancient ancestors of East, West, North and South Africa ). To understand the culture of our people before we can even consider, shaping and building a nation of people who don't even know where to begin to truly know thyself. Without knowledge of self we unintentionally find ourselves in the same situation I find myself, incarcerated serving two consecutive sentences of 12 years and 15 years for Drive by shooting, 1st degree Robbery, Unlawful possession of a Firearm, 2nd degree Manslaughter and unlawful Imprisonment. Because, my knowledge of true self led me down a repeated street with minimum success but maximum destruction, now my 7 year old son sits at risk of being invited to the same destruction if I don't first change me so I can educate him. Because, society at one hand speaks of in god we trust land of the free, but on the other hand they preach behind closed doors how to destroy the very people who helped build their nation. I will end this here and save some for my next entries to follow. I have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share at my young age, and still every waking day by the grace and mercy of Allah I look to strengthen myself so I can build my home. Thank You for hearing my Introduction into the shared love and community of Filthy Rags Outreach. God Bless.

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