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Time is a Luxury

Time is the most expensive luxury in the World, its somethin' you spend and never get back. But, you never know how much you have left. Some abuse it, others cherish its being, while the conscious one figures out how to celebrate it through appreciation. The treasure of life is time which is timeless and through shared friendship a mutual pureness of love has been built, within the luxury of time time becomes well aged like fine wine. Though the bottle doesn't last long it brings comfort and joy during all moments of its presence, in order to savor the taste you must sip lightly to even fully understand its luxury.

Let's understand what time we have left and acknowledge how much of a luxury it is, and use some of it in a positive manner to rebuild our community rather then continue to add to its destruction. I challenge someone today to pull up on a young Brother or Sister who sees no hope in today's world, take them for a lunch share some wisdom, knowledge and love with them. Let's plant them seeds in hopes through Allah's mercy and grace we save a life today and pave the way for change to began in the hearts of our lost found youth.

Message from Brother Sin'Cere.

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