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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Did the streets get the best of me? On a daily, I'm asking God, what's my destiny? It seems like every hurdle that I face, I know that You're testing me! Question my own sanity, my minds in a haze, Filling my lungs up with Keyshia Cole, just to get through the days... Fake smiles, and phony faces is all I see on a daily, Won't let nobody get too close, cause I know they'll betray me... It happens every time, I've been grinding since 89', I'll show you the stab wounds in my back, if you think that I'm LYING!? More Chronic smoke I need, just to ease the pain, No longer did it affect me, started snorting cocaine... Was it something wrong with my brain? Was it bred in my genes? Was it Karma, from all those years, I use to serve to them fiends? I feel so weak, but I need to be stronger.... Came so close to smoking coke, So I don't snort no longer!!! But I stayed blowing trees like a summer breeze, I used to get so high and philosophical, all the old heads used to call me: 'Young Socrates' My mouth piece was so cold, it spit freon, See, I was a God in my own mind, Idolatry, BABYLON!!! I refused to praise God, I chose to praise self, As long as I had wealth, I felt that I didn't need nothing else! Pharmaceutical Dealer, Illegal distribution, See, I was selling my soul like Judas, 'PROSTITUTION!' The solution..... Was just a whisper away, My heart spoke words, that my lips couldn't say... But You needed to hear the words come out my mouth, But I was So So Def, Dirty South!!! Filled with lust, greed, and denial, But what I really needed was Your smile... Your tender Mercy, Lord, Your saving Grace, Father make me worthy, To see your Face! Erase my past deeds, Justify me, Don't deny me, But Guide me..... Into Your arms, Onto Your path, All my past deeds, Deserve Your wrath!!! May I ask, Why did you give me the Gift of free will? Was it so I could, drug deal, steal, if need be, kill? But wait, Who am I to question you? Am I really that cocky? Since I was made in Your image, I'm, YOUR Carbon Copy! Orale (Okay) Papi, To You I surrender completely, My Heart and Soul... ''You'll make me a New Creation!'' At least, that's what I've been told! All You ask, Is that I trust You, And follow where You lead me... And stay cautious in a world, that will inevitably deceive me... Praising God ain't so easy, When so many, willingly, choose to serve the beast, And since the wages of sin is death, Then, after the Killing, comes the feast... FEASTING! Tell me, at this very moment in your life, what exactly are you Feasting on? ________________________________________________________________________ ''And Jesus said to them, ''I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.'' John 6:35 NKJV Feasting... How many of us continually find ourselves dying from thirst, yet we willingly continue to thirst after the wrong things of the world? We find ourselves willingly dying daily of a slow death. Subjecting our bodies to an unhealthy intake of toxic residue, consisting of ZERO SPIRITUAL nutrients. Leaving our souls malnourishment, and parched! I am presently surrounded by a decent amount of so-called Believers who like in verse 26, came to Jesus not seeking Him, but rather yet seeking signs/ wonders. They seek to be filled with the substance/or substances of this world rather than seeking the True Bread (Jesus) from heaven. Another day in the 'Devil's Den'...(I classify all prisons as such!) Unlike the den that Daniel found himself in, where he could visibly see his would be executioner, the lion, I'm surrounded by so many who have esteemed to their own appointed self titles/labels who proclaim to be attempting to get closer to God, or bring others to Christ, but unfortunately end up doing the work of the devil! Therefore, hindering/or inflicting more damage to the Church (The body of Christ) under the guise of Love. And in most cases, all for temporary worldly self gain! Which creates the conundrum, how is it feasibly possible to be crucified with Christ, when they have not yet been able to fully die to self??? Spiritual warfare is real in places such as this, however just like Joseph, the son of Jacob I can attest that its not REALER than The Spirit of the Lord! At least, not for those who diligently SEEK HIM!!! However, for many of the ones I spoke of, their digestive tracts are incapable of processing the Bread of Life, because the Holy Spirit (The Helper) cannot reside within an unclean body (Temple). ''These people draw near to Me with their mouth, And honor Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me.'' Matthew 15:8 NKJV On the other side of these walls/fences is what I call, ''The Devil's Playground!" Society has so many rides, games, and attractions that the adversary uses as bait (lure), to amuse those who claim to be the strongest in their Faith to be challenged, and stumble, so how much more successful is he in his attempts for those that are weak? These myriad of distractions move faster than 186,000 feet per second, which scientifically is the speed of light, causing those who are suppose to be walking in the Light to lose their sight (Spirit Discernment)! Just like every Amusement park, the food may smell, and taste good, but its not good for you! The rides might appear thrilling, and exciting, but once you depart from each one the painful process of recalibration/adjusting back to solid ground commences all over again! But unless your solid ground is anything other than the foundation of Christ, (1 Cor. 3:11) then you'll forever be wandering aimlessly seeking the impossible!

By Dennis D. Corbray

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