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Financial Literacy, By Michael Henderson

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

In todays world we face so many "challenges". But to help such I believe "Financial Literacy" is needed in understanding our government and economic structure.

So many diversified groups go through social and economic depravity, especially "Minorities". But as a whole to know the concepts of such and where its history comes from, brings a broader since of understanding "finances".

We "Americans" face this challenge right now with the "Covid-19 Pandemic". Many weren't ready for such a "Global Shutdown", that all are in fear of where their money is going and what it is doing for them!

de families and next generations depend upon the reality of repositioning from such in this recession. Financial literacy is the key to developing this truth phenomenon.

Mr. Henderson

* Its good!(Final).* economical = government and economic structure.

*finance= understanding "finances".

*is it = what it is doing for them.

*phenomenon = Financial literacy is the key to developing this truth.

*repositioning from such in this recession.

* Its good!(Final).

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