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Good Morning Brothers and Sisters!

Good morning brothers and sisters, this is your friendly neighborhood c. thanking God for another day. in my heart I pray that you continue in the sound doctrine/ teaching of the gospel. the reason why is because I can put my life on it that if you do God will enrich you with all

the things that you will ever need to maintain a good and healthy relationship with Him, others and your self. your spiritual health is very important, as well as your mental and natural health.

I would like to share with you what happened to me when I walked away from sound doctrine./ the teaching of Gods word.

for several years while I was walking close with God, learning the bible and its principles my life was filled with peace. I found a beautiful wife got married had a lovely son, a good job nice place to live. etc....... but then my work pulled me into a tail spin, then my spiritual pride influenced my choices, and stopped listening to leadership, started arguing fighting with my wife, stopped going to church, eventually ended up in incarcerated. lost everything, and the trust of everyone that cared for me, my hopes and dreams.

I share this because its been tough bouncing back, and I know if we only continue to live for God, continue in sound doctrine/ the teaching of the gospel we could live a healthy responsible life in Christ Jesus. we only need true humility, honor, love and respect for God. He will show us everything we need to do in order to be the people that He has called us to be. He will place the right people on your path and your life will continue to give this world a person who this world needs to see everyday. you are very special and when you blogg on this site your words reach people who are hungry for the daily bread of Christ that you have to share so please share.

let's continue in sound doctrine brothers an sisters. let's continue to give God what He's asking of us. we are those who do the will of God and not just hear it. be blessed! and know you have a praying a neighbor that cares about you.but more importantly you have a God who loves you completely, eternally and only wants the best for you.

always one love! your neighbor.

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