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Hello Women Of Faith... Filthy Rags Outreach needs you!

Sister Soliders! Whether you know it or not, God is mobilizing and equipping a Female Army to build His Church--a Church without walls to do His work in these last days.

You might be surprised to learn what kind of women God is going to use in this end time Army, but this is nothing new under the sun because four awesome, mighty, women are mentioned in the genealogy of The Messiah, they are, who I call the four "The Bad Girls" of the Old Testament.

Rahab was a Hoe. Ruth was a former pagan, an outcast widow with no rights to marry an Israelite. Bathsheba was an adulteress that slept with "The Big Homie" (David) while the lil homie (Uriah) was at war, and Tamar was the widow who seduced her father-in-law! (See Mathew 1:3,5-6 )

It sure would seem that The Creator could have found better women to make up the family tree of The Messiah! But I believe He deliberately chose these four women because He was trying to teach us about the power of emancipation, transformation, and the liberation of His Redemptive power. If women with these types of past could be part of the physical FAM of Jesus Christ, then maybe the spiritual family of Christ--which is The Church without walls can also include women from Filthy Rag Lifestyles who now have been cleansed by the Blood of The Lamb.

Soldier Sisters you may not be all you ought to be, but praise God you're not what you used to be. If He could get you from who you were to who you are becoming, then He can take you from where you are now to where you ought to Be! We welcome you all to join in the process with Filthy Rags Outreach in our efforts to reach men and women who come from all forms of the street life... using our Testimonies Tied To The Turff two degrees from the streets.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

Visionary and Founder



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