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Letter to Freedom, Pt.1

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

You, Have shown me something I can't contest. A true understanding of compassion for what we once had "companionship". Are testament of each others "appreciation" for one another has had its depths. Growing and maturing from each other for what life has dealt in its quest. Are "triumphs" were short lived something we only had a brief moment in. Where we we're trying to grasp the moment where our level of consciousness had lost its spiritual connection. Within are mind, body, and soul. Do I love you is the question I ask but do you see is the underlying answer even deeper in our journey? Where do we go or what is for seen in our future? How is are union to succeed in this lifetime and when will such occur I might ask? I write you to better feel you in understanding your moment in clarity inside my mind? We've had fun, we've loved, we've disagreed, but we stayed true. Maybe this moment in reflection is you, is us, is nothing. A second to answer my own questions that has had me in a world so new. Your Bestie, Mr.Henderson Seattle, Wa.

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