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Pandemic Through the Eyes of a Prisoner: Christopher R. Cook

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

A Pandemic of Under-Developed Thinking has Manifested into the Headlines we see today.

I can say that I --- 'WAS' --- a Prisoner of Emotional Immaturity and Thought Ineptitude. Through these Eyes, I see a World Full of Health and Emotional Well-Being. If We Inhabitants would but Believe these Things to be True, We might Receive also the Manifestation of All that is True, Pure and of Full Capacity.

I have taken this Opportunity to Recognize Necessity. Where I find Necessity I Accept the Experience of My Feelings without Blaming and, Guarding the Gate of my SubConscious Mind, I refuse Entrance to Thoughts presenting from my External Environment in an UnderDeveloped Thought 'Form' or 'Garment'. In Response, I Replace these Ragged and Torn Garments with the Raiment of Fully Developed Thought Form as is Appropriate for those Ideas of Principle Gaining Entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven within me. (see Luke 17:21 and 2nd Corin. 10:3-5)

It is, that I do this in Management of my own Mental Kingdom and although my External Environment Appears to Reflect the Manifestation of UnderDeveloped Thought from my Past Thinking and Non-Acceptance of Feeling without Blame, my External Environment is Now Beginning to Reflect this Internal Environment which I AM Cultivating.

In Redundance: Necessity is a Guide to Do the Good Emotion and Thought Work placed before me. If Necessity has not Presented Itself, I Count my Blessings. If Necessity has Presented Itself, the External Environment is a Manifestation of Past UnderDeveloped Thinking In such Instances, I Do my Emotional Acceptance Work and Guard the Gate of my SubConscious Mind Vigilantly only Allowing, by Repitition and Affirmation, Thought Forms that Reflect what I Want my Future Experience to Manifest in Ideals of Principle.

Optimistic Work Prevails in the Face of What Appear to be Adverse Times.

Be Well All!

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